Mobile Access for Faculty

Instructors and students may access Canvas from a mobile device, and while Canvas can be accessed via a mobile web browser, it is not officially supported. For the best user experience, we recommend using the free Canvas Teacher or Canvas Student apps, available for iOS and Android. 


  • The Canvas App allows instructors to manage their courses on mobile devices. It provides access to the SpeedGrader tool as well as the Gradebook.  
  • Warning: When using a mobile device, it is vital to use the app to access a wider range of features. Using the website through a mobile browser allows limited viewing access on mobile devices but will not allow for some grading, quizzing, and other features to work properly. 

How does Canvas differ from Blackboard? 

Canvas’ mobile interface is more robust and user-friendly. 

How to use – Canvas instructions 


Set-up steps  

  1. Log in to Canvas on your web browser on your computer. 
  2. Click Account > “QR for Mobile Users”.  
  3. Follow the Canvas app download directions to install the app on your device. 
  4. Open the downloaded app. 
  5.  Select “QR Login”.  
  6. Press “Next”.
  7. Press “Ok” to allow access to your camera. 
  8. Scan the QR code on your web browser with your device. 
  9. Access your account on the app.
  10. Here is additional information on logging into the Canvas Teacher App.  


  • Canvas is built on open web standards, so most features are supported on mobile devices. With the growing use of mobile devices, you should build your courses with best practices for mobile in mind.  
  • Canvas Teacher and Student mobile applications on both iOS and Android have been evaluated by Instructure and WebAIM according to WCAG 2.1 standards. 

Best Practices

  • It is important to organize or chunk content into smaller parts, so it is easier to navigate. 
  • When you add Text Headers in modules, this can help guide students when navigating your course. It is important to use a consistent naming scheme with the module and content titles.  
  • When possible, use Canvas Pages to create content rather than Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. Canvas pages are much easier for students to read in the Canvas Student app