2023 Non-Academic Course Renewal Process

Audience: Teachers, Leaders, and Administrators  

We are about to kick off the first Canvas Course Renewal Process! Teachers and leaders of non-academic courses will be emailed on 3/28/23 with more information. They will be able to renew or conclude their non-academic courses until 4/18/23 at 11:59 PM ET.  

This process will help departments save costs associated with external users and help keep Canvas running smoothly. Only LM (learnmore.jhu.edu) and CO (community sites) will be up for renewal this year. In future years, all non-academic courses will be included in the renewal process (e.g., courses with the prefixes of STAGE and SAND).  

Teachers and leaders of non-academic courses will receive three email reminders with directions. They will have until 4/18/23 at 11:59 PM ET to take action. Teachers and leaders will have the following choices: 

  • Renewing will keep the course active for the next fiscal year (July-June). If they have enrolled external learners (i.e., learners without JHEDs), they will result in additional charges.  
  • Concluding will place the course in a read-only state for students, teachers, leaders, and other roles (but it can still be copied.). External enrollments will not incur additional costs. 
  • If teachers and leaders take no action by the due date, courses over a year old will automatically conclude. Courses less than a year old will automatically renew.  

After the process is over, we will be emailing participating teachers and leaders a feedback survey. We hope to gather data to continuously improve the renewal process.  

More information about the process is available on the Course Renewal page.