Non-Degree Non-Credit

JHU offers more than academic courses. We have a range of non-degree non-credit offerings including:

  • Public Courses
  • Co-curricular (i.e., Community Sites) such as program networking sites or placement tests
  • Lifelong Learning offerings to external users

Learner Access

Learners can view and other division-specific sites to find non-credit offerings that might interest them.

Information for Programs, Faculty, and Staff

These offerings have different guidelines and processes than our academic courses. In some approved cases, these offerings allow access to external, non-JHU users. The LMS Steering Committee, in partnership with the Provost’s Office and [email protected], has formulated pathways to help these special programs and offering launch while reducing risk to the university.

Learn more about non-academic offerings and processes:

  • Non-Degree-Non-Credit Programs with External Users – JHU has created a process to successfully launch programs to external, non-JHED learners using Canvas. Programs with external users are required to obtain approval before launching on Canvas.
    • Different Account Types in Canvas: JHED v. External Users – walks you through the different types of accounts that can access Canvas along with their pros and cons.
    • Information – JHU has a storefront that allows external users to purchase and take non-degree non-credit courses on Canvas. Programs that wish to offer courses need to complete an approval process to be able to post offerings to external users on the platform.
    • Canvas Non-Academic Listing Pre-Launch Checklist – Once the program is approved, it is up to the program to ensure that listings and courses comply with JHU guidelines. This checklist empowers approved programs to launch listings.   
  • Public Course Request Process – When the Public Course Visibility setting is activated, any individual is able to access, view, and interact with a course site and its content without logging in. We have a Canvas Public Course Request Process/Form to complete for those interested.
  • Co-Curricular or Community Sites – These sites can include orientations, program networking sites, and non-credit modules to supplement academic work. Co-curricular (i.e., Community) sites are limited to JHU learners who have a JHED.