Learnmore.jhu.edu Information

JHU has a storefront that allows external users to purchase and take non-degree non-credit courses on Canvas. This platform can be used to share educator training and professional development programs (non-academic) offerings to those outside and inside the university. It is an easy and effective way to offer training, facilitated offerings, and self-directed learning experiences for users who are involved with the University, but who do not have email or JHED credentials.

Offering Programs on Learnmore.jhu.edu

  • Non-Degree Non-Credit programs that wish to offer courses need to complete an approval process to be able to post offerings to external users on the platform. The application is also required for programs that want to enroll external users.
  • This platform can also be used for allowing JHU users with a JHED to self-enroll in specific co-curricular offerings with division permission.

Accessing the Platform as a User

There are two platforms that interact with each other:

  • The learnmore.jhu.edu displays available listings for enrollment.
  • Canvas lets you access the its materials, submit assignments, take quizzes, and interact with others.

Launching a Listing

Once your application is approved, you will work with your division’s teaching and learning center and IT@JH to set up your program.

  1. Use the Canvas Non-Academic Listing Pre-Launch Checklist for review​.
  2. Verify that your content is ready before publishing your listing.
  3. Meet with your division and IT@JH for 1 hour.
  4. Verify your account types and any conflicts with the final 3rd Party Tools used (licensing/access).
  5. If part of your approved application, IT will engage with Canvas to set up the payment gateway.
  6. Determine the URL of your learnmore.jhu.edu area with the guidance of your division and IT@JH.
  7. Determine the name of your sub-catalog in alignment with naming conventions.
  8. Decide whether or not to make your listing public based on your approved application.
  9. Discuss how to customize your emails and branding.
  10. Discuss tags and categories (if applicable) to decide what makes sense with best practices.
  11. Finalize your content and listing.
  12. Work with IT@JH to test your first listing to ensure it is properly configured.
  13. Launch your listing.