Co-Curricular or Community Sites

Co-curricular or community sites can include orientations, program networking sites, and non-credit modules to supplement academic work. Co-curricular (i.e., community) sites are limited to JHU learners who have a JHED. If you are interested in setting up a community site, contact your divisional teaching and learning center for more information. You can also request a community site through Canvas if you are faculty or staff:

  1. Log into Canvas.
  2. Select the Help button on the global navigation menu.
  3. Choose Request a Community Site or Course Shell – Faculty, staff, and admins with a JHED can request community sites, sandboxes, and staging shells for future courses.
  4. Fill out the required fields and press submit.
  5. Your division will review your request and email you when it is approved.

Self-Enroll for JHED Users

In co-curricular courses that manage a large number of users, we have options to help make enrollment easier. In some cases, a link can be provided to a course so that learners with a JHED can enroll themselves. Talk to your division about self-enroll and other options that might be right for your offerings. If you are looking to have external, non-JHED learners enroll, learn more about the non-degree non-credit application process.

Managing Dates and Access for CO Courses

While academic course dates are automatically set by SIS and Canvas, non-academic courses can have customized course dates to determine when learners can access them. Review the Setting Dates and Access for Non-Academic Courses page for more information.