Home Page

Your Course Home Page is the first thing users see when they enter your course, and, depending on your division, you may be able to customize the look of this page to best suit the needs of your course.  


  • Your division may have a standard front page that is consistent between all courses to help students navigate. If your division has a customized homepage, make sure to confirm with your division’s teaching and learning center if you are thinking about changing it.   
  • Consider overall course navigation when deciding what to use as your Home Page.  There are five options:  five homepage options: Course Activity Stream, Pages Front Page, Course Modules, Assignments List, and Syllabus.  

How does Canvas differ from Blackboard? 

Canvas course navigation links have the same name in every course. The Home Page cannot be changed to “Welcome” or other names as in Blackboard. 

How to use – Canvas instructions 

Canvas offers an in-depth guide on Home Page.

Best Practices and Accessibility 

Generally, the layout of a page should be simple, clean, and uncluttered. Navigation should be clear and consistent from page to page.