H5P is an open source, interactive content builder that allows you to easily create, share, and reuse content from within Canvas. With H5P, you can create these interactive and accessible experiences without requiring eLearning authoring software applications.


This tool requires that faculty and students’ browsers have third-party cookies enabled to work properly.

H5P is available at:

  • Advanced Academic Programs (AS)
  • Carey Business School (BU)
  • Engineering for Professionals (EP)
  • School of Medicine (ME)
  • School of Nursing (NR)

Each school may use the H5P tool differently, so it is important to check with your division about the process for using this tool in your course site.

Best Practices 

H5P provides a very tight integration with Canvas through H5P.com. With H5P.com, content may be created from within Canvas and you get your own H5P content repository accessible from within Canvas.


H5P is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for everyone. They are continually improving the user experience, and applying the relevant accessibility standards, aiming at providing a good and intuitive experience for all users including keyboard and screen reader users.

H5P provides a list of the H5P content types available on H5P.com. For each element in the list they have indicated if the content type is accessible and whether or not the core team is maintaining it and if the content type has any known browser limitations. This list includes content types that the H5P Team does not recommend using and/or they are not actively fixing problems with it.