VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables students or instructors to build online presentations by adding images, documents, videos, and other media to which other users can add comments for discussion.  

How to add a VoiceThread to your course 

  1. Navigate to the “Modules” area of your course. 
  2. Find the module to which you’d like to add VoiceThread and click the “Add Content” button. 
  3. Select “External Tool” from the menu. 
  4. Select “VoiceThread” from the list of tools. 
  5. Select “Assignment Builder” to create a VoiceThread where students need to create, comment, or watch a video.   
  6. Give your link a title. 
  7. Save. 

Additional resources 

VoiceThread has provided guides on setting up VoiceThread activities and assignments in your course.

How does Canvas differ from Blackboard? 

Generally, third-party tools are not unique to Canvas or Blackboard.  VoiceThread functions the same in all LMSs, however, adding the tool in the course requires a different set of steps. 

Best Practices and Accessibility 

  • The university has vetted the current tools for compliance with accessibility and privacy standards.  
  • VoiceThread has a Guide on Accessibility.