SIS Grade Import

Faculty can import final grades from Canvas into SIS through the Faculty Dashboard.


Within your Canvas course, you must enable a Grading Scheme for the appropriate SIS grade system, e.g., if you are applying Letter Grades (A/A-/B+/…, P/F, etc).

Please Note: If you have merged course sections in Canvas that are not ‘consecutive’ sections (i.e. 478.340.91 merged with 482.455.02), the combined section cannot be imported into SIS from Canvas. Other merged courses that are ‘consecutive,’ (i.e. 348.290.01 merged with 348.290.02, 348.290.03, 348.290.04, etc.) can be imported into SIS from Canvas.

How does Canvas differ from Blackboard? 

  • In Blackboard’s SIS Grade Import, you had to set up the “Final Letter Grade” column which contained the Letter Grade
  • In Canvas, there’s an inherent Final Score (Total)
  • The Canvas Grading Scheme converts the Final Score into a displayable Letter Grade

How to use – Canvas instructions

I. Verify Grading Scheme is enabled.

  1. Go to Course > Settings
  2. Check Grading Scheme to see that it is enabled.
    In course settings, under grading scheme, the enable course gradining scheme button is checked.
  3. If a Grading Scheme has not been set, please discuss with your teaching and learning center, since these settings impact the functionality of your course and division policies.

II. Check the appropriate Letter Grade appears in the Grades

  1. Go to Course > Grades
  2. Check the Total column shows the Letter Grade you expect to import into SIS
    In the gradebook, the total column shows both a percentage and a letter grade (e.g., 100% and A).

How to use – Faculty Dashboard instructions

  1. Go to SIS Faculty Self-Service ( and Sign In.
  2. From the Faculty Dashboard, choose the ‘Term’ (e.g., Fall 2022)
    On the faculty dashboard in SIS, there is a dropdown that allows the user to choose the term, such as Fall 2022.
  3. In your list of courses, you will notice a Grade Import column, with Excel and Canvas links (only when the academic grading period is open).
  4. Select the Canvas link related to the course and section for which you are importing grades.
    On the list of courses, in the final column called grade import shows two options, excel and Canvas.
    Note: If your sections are merged in Canvas, you can select the Canvas link for the course’s (combined) roster.
    For merged courses, the second column under courses shows the name of the course with the note they are combined.
  1. SIS will then verify that the Grade Upload/Import Succeeded.
    When the grade import is verfied, it shows a message that Grade Upload/Import Succeeded - Your grades from Canvas have been imported to this screen only. You must use either the Save Work or Post to Registrars button to update these grades in the system.
  2. SIS will display the grades, and require you to verify that they are correct. You can make changes to the imported grades at this time. You can also re-import from Canvas as many times as needed until you press the ‘Post to Registrars’ button.
    The grades that have been imported fill into the drop downs and check mark is in the column next to them.
  3. Click ‘Save Work’ if you want to log out and continue working at a later time. Click ‘Clear Saved Grades’ to clear what has already been imported. Click ‘Post to Registrars’ if you are ready to submit the final grades to the Registrar.
    There are three options to continue including save work, clear saved grades, or post to registrars.


Admin Only GradeFaculty cannot submit grades via self-service.
Contact your Divisional Registrar.

No Grade in CanvasStudent does not have any Final Grade in Canvas

For a student – In Canvas, check they have a Final Grade/Total.

For the entire course – In Canvas, check you have applied a Canvas Grading Scheme to match what SIS is expecting

Need more help? Reach out to your Divisional Faculty Canvas Support
(final grade) is Invalid GradeThe Final Grade in Canvas is not what SIS is expecting for the section or student. 
For instance, you send an A, but SIS is expecting a Pass (P)/Fail (F)
For a few students – In SIS, manually change grades using the Grade drop-box

For the entire course –  In Canvas, check you have applied a Canvas Grading Scheme to match what SIS is expecting

Need more help? Reach out to your Divisional Faculty Canvas Support
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