The library’s eReserve system is integrated with Canvas. The system organizes readings by course and creates indexing that you can search or sort by author and title; upon request, Reserves staff will also organize your readings by assignment week, date, or topic. eReserves readings are available to faculty and enrolled students. 


  • You must work with your library to have readings and resources show up in the eReserves link in your course. Depending on your division, the eReserves link may be visible before you contact the library but will not have any materials linked.  
  • Make sure to submit your materials to the library 6-8 week before your course starts to ensure they are ready.  

How does Canvas differ from Blackboard? 

Reserves in Canvas and Blackboard follow the same process, and both show up in the course navigation menu. 

How to use – Canvas instructions 

Instructors, please contact the eReserves team at your library for assistance setting up courses and reserves.  

Link to eReserves

You should see a link to eReserves on your Canvas course navigation menu. If it is missing, follow the steps to show it to students.  

  1. Log into Canvas and go to your course  
  2. Click “Settings” 
  3. Choose “Navigation”  
  4. Drag “eReserves” to the top area of the page in the order you would like 
  5. Press “Save”  
  6. Your course menu should now show eReserves 

Best Practices 

  • Many instructors add weekly reminders and context about the assigned resources in their modules to encourage students to read and get the most out of the materials.  
  • Direct students to click on the eReserves link in the course menu to access all readings, they should not be linked in the content of your course.