Spring 2022 Canvas Update

We have several exciting updates relating to the JHU Canvas project to share with you.  

Spring 2022 Early Adopter Launch 

About 40 academic course sections applied and were approved to participate in the Spring 2022 Early Adoption. (As a note, all other courses were still be run on Blackboard.) All early adopters including instructors, students, and support staff from teaching and learning centers are enrolled and can access Canvas. Courses will open on the course start date for students. We will be coordinating a robust evaluation process to learn how Canvas is working for these courses and improve it for our summer and fall 2022 launch. 

Updated Login Page for Early Adopters 

All Early Adopters can log in using their JHED and password through canvas.jhu.edu. If others log into Canvas at this point, they will not see any courses and receive a message that their courses are still running in Blackboard. 

Shared JHU Canvas Documentation Libraries 

We now have the documentation libraries up on canvas.jhu.edu. Explore the Faculty Resources and Students Resources on the navigation menu. These resources include information on mobile access, setting up your course, division support, getting started on Canvas, 3rd party tools, and how to get content out of Blackboard. The pages are customized by role – so students and faculty have different information. The documentation library will expand based on pilot feedback and become even more robust for future terms.  

Updated Help Resources for Canvas 

All faculty and students have access to divisional help information on Canvas through the Help button on the Canvas menu. We also have a form to gather feedback on the spring term and report problems to IT@JH if needed.