Blackboard Course Content and Student Data Storage for Faculty

Previously, we provided directions on how to move content off of Blackboard. The deadline for Blackboard access has passed, and Blackboard was unavailable to users of as December 1st, 2022.

In most cases, your most recent course content was migrated from Blackboard to Canvas. No student data was included in the migration (e.g., grades, assignments, submissions, or quiz results).


  • JHU Blackboard is now retired and is no longer accessible.
  • Divisions worked to move over 18,000 courses to Canvas before the Blackboard retirement.
  • IT@JH has retained 5 years of Blackboard content archives that can only be accessed if there is a significant legal or accreditation need. Contact your division if you have a request that falls into that category.
  • Blackboard archives are not accessible for faculty or student data requests since they are technically challenging to access.

How To Export Panopto Content 

Panopto videos exist outside of the LMS. Panopto is fully supported in Canvas, and videos did not have to be migrated, per se. But faculty wishing to re-use existing Panopto videos from previous Blackboard-based courses may have to adjust permissions or move videos into new Canvas-linked folder. Talk to your teaching and learning center for more information.